Jada Kingdom Forges Ahead With Racy Performance In Connecticut Despite Lawsuit

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Jada Kingdom is back on the scene as she proves that nothing can stop her, including a lawsuit or any other adversity.

The young deejay delivered a sexy performance in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Saturday night to raving crowds as she delivered her bangers “Heavy,” “Win,” and “Shake” – her song with her and Skillibeng.

Jada Kingdom entered what looked like a packed auditorium wearing a pleated skirt and long sleeve top. She later ditched the skirt to reveal an all-black bodysuit with black pantyhose. Fans were also amused by her dancing skills as they grabbed her fluffy derriere.

Kingdom also shared what seems like a loaded message to someone as she posted “Yuh cya stap mi, bumbohole!!!” on her story while her song “Win” played in the background. It is speculated that the message is directed to her former management, who filed a lawsuit for libel.

The manager filed the lawsuit following explosive comments by the deejay that someone close to her has been robbing her for years, and she has not made money from any of her music, including streaming.

The manager has asserted that he has contributed to Kingdom’s career and that he has not been dishonest in his dealings with her. Kingdom has not responded to the lawsuit, which, if she fails to reply, can see a default judgment entered against her.

In previous live videos, she has stated that she has attorneys on the case and that she is also looking for new management to manage her. Jada Kingdom appears to now be resident in Atlanta, Georgia, as she continues her career in music.

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