Gunna Reveals “Solid” Originally Recorded for Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy”

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Gunna says “Solid” was originally suppose to be on Drake’s highly anticipated album.

With very little news coming in about Drake’s hugely anticipated album Certified Lover Boy, fans have been desperate to get any info. While the release date remains a mystery, it has been revealed that YSL’s Slime Language 2 standout track “Solid” featuring Drake was supposed to be featured on the upcoming album. It’s at least a little insight into the type of hot tracks Drake wants on his next album.

It’s very difficult to narrow down what type of style Drake will adopt for his next project as he’s proven time and again that he can easily switch it up. The information was revealed by Gunna while he was being interviewed by Billboard. Gunna opened up about the track “Solid” and revealed that it was destined for CLB.

“Drake had originally sent me the song for his album and I did it and we was vibing with it for a minute,” he shared. He added that when CLB didn’t come out, he asked Drake if he could drop it on Slime Language 2 instead because he felt the song had a strong vibe.


“But then his album didn’t come out and I was still vibing with it, and I’m like ‘Shit bro, I wanna put it on Slime Language 2. Let’s put slime on it.’ And he was like extra with it and we did, and that’s how that came together,” he said.

Slime Language 2 was released today, April 23, and is the follow-up to 2018’s Slime Language. Gunna described the album-making process as fun, noting that he and his fellow label mates still have great chemistry. “It was just fun. It was really like family, we just really had fun with it. It wasn’t nothing like forced or nothing like that. We kind of just had songs ready, and when we felt the right time to just put the album out, we put it out,” he said.

What’s important to note is that this track is very different from the work that Drake typically puts out. This could mean that he is taking CLB in an entirely different direction. The anticipation has certainly been building, and fans are even more curious now because they have no idea what to expect from the “What’s Next” rapper.

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