Charly Black’s 2017 Song “You’re Perfect” Gets New Life On Tik Tok

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Social media site Tik Tok has been breathing new life into old tracks for many artists since emerging on the scene in 2017. Jamaican deejay Charly Black is the latest to benefit from the trend as his track “You’re Perfect” has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times. It was released in 2017 and produced by TJ Records. The track is being used for a dance challenge on Tik Tok and has given the artists a significant increase in streaming numbers.

The platinum-selling deejay spoke with THE STAR about this newfound popularity and expressed how happy he was that his music was getting some international appreciation. He did admit, however, that he did not expect the rise in numbers.

“Music sometimes can be about a song growing on people and so timing is very important. To be honest, everywhere I go all over the world, it’s one of the songs in my catalogue that gets the most love. People have really been enjoying You’re Perfect since it got released, but I never thought it really got the justice it deserved, so I guess that’s what’s happening now with the TikTok ting,” he said.

He added that he is committed to putting out good quality music and that he doesn’t feel that he’s entitled to have big hits. His focus remains on putting out music that fans will enjoy and appreciate.

“All I can do is put out songs that I love and hope the fans and music lovers feel the same way. TikTok has the ability to make hits in terms of organic growth that starts from the platform, and we have already seen a big spike in streams since the track started going viral,” he continued.

The song has always been one of the standouts in his catalog and has an impressive 15 million views on YouTube. A lot of the new views and comments have come following his Tik Tok success. Many of the hundreds of new comments come from people who heard about the song through TikTok.

Linton ‘TJ’ White of TJ Records also spoke with THE STAR about the delayed success of the track.

“Producing quality music is my purpose, and I take time to perfect my work and deliver quality music as it’s a reflection of me. With that said, timing is very important, and music is about a song growing on people. When a song that already has an international appeal reaches its intended audience and connects, that’s perfection,” he said.

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